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The secret guitar teacher is a guitar training portal run by guitarist Nick Minnion.


He’s been playing guitar since the early 60’s and has mastered dozens of popular styles and genres. As a retirement project, he decided to create a unique resource of online guitar lessons.


To cover costs Nick charges $12 a month for access to these lessons.


And for that paltry sum you get over 200 guitar lessons covering all genres form smooth jazz to rock ‘n roll, blues, country and even gospel. There are lessons for acoustic players and electric players plus lessons on playing rhythm and lessons on playing lead.


You’ll learn all about guitar theory and there exercises for developing your coordination, strength and time keeping.


Nick has also included a guitar tuner, metronome plus 100’s of backing tracks and printable sheet music for dozens of popular songs. And with these you’ll be able to quickly learn the world’s most popular and requested songs.


The secret guitar teacher is perfect for people who have never picked up a guitar before.


And even if you’ve played for years, you’ll find something new to master in the 100’s of guitar lessons.


How much money would a year of guitar lessons cost you?


Too much.


The secret guitar teacher is faster easier and cheaper.


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Go here now to listen to an special introductory message from Nick Minnion and learn what makes the secret guitar teacher so unique.